Project Description

This project started with a simple call to our sister company North Shore Monuments with the homeowner asking if we could help him remove a horse statue from his back yard. Hugh had no idea that the horse statue was 30’ high. This Tennessee Marble heroic statue modeled after the Horses of Marlee on the Champs des Elysee was designed by Stamford White and is one of two sculptures that resided for 40 years at the front gates of the Mackay estate in East Hills.

Over the next 4 years the NSAS team worked with the Roslyn Landmark, the Town of North Hempstead and many community organizations to raise the funds necessary to restore and preserve it.

In 2014 NSAS successfully completed the restoration and re- installed the sculpture in Gerry Park. Currently NSAS is working on the second sculpture whose restoration will be funded by the Roslyn High School.