NSAS to Restore Second Mackay Horse

We are about to start restoration on the second of the historical Mackay Horses of Marly, “The Horse Tamer”, which resided in front of Roslyn High School for several years where it was beloved by [...]

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General José Artigas Heads to NSAS for Restoration

We’re excited to be selected by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to move and restore this monument of General José Artigas who has resided in SoHo Square since the 1920s.  The years have [...]

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Stone Restoration in Mexico

So where do “stone people” go on holiday? Well to a city of stone of course. Hugh and I spent some down time in Oaxaca Mexico, a beautiful ancient city founded in 1529, but the [...]

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Seaford 9/11 Memorial Monument

  Through our sister company North Shore Monuments, we were honored to work with the 9/11 Memorial Committee for Seaford High School for this memorial monument that we just recently installed. And we were very gratified [...]

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The “Garden Magic” of Italy

The influences of Italy can be seen in many of the beautiful estates and gardens on Long Island’s Gold Coast.  We have had the privilege of doing many restoration projects on these estates and were [...]

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Ben Pentreath: Preserving Old World Charm

I was so excited to meet one of my design heroes, the world renown English designer and architect Ben Penthreath, at the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art.  He was there to talk about his [...]

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