About Maggie Tanchuck

Maggie Tanchuck and her husband Hugh have been at the helm of North Shore Monuments (founded over 100 years ago by Hugh’s great grandfather) for over 30 years and have grown it to one of the largest monument companies on Long Island. In the early 1990s, Maggie and Hugh envisioned a new opportunity for their expertise in historic restoration and the preservation of stone and expanded into the construction and building industry and North Shore Architectural Stone was born. Maggie also realized it was important for clients to experience first-hand the finest quality architectural stone and home decor products they offer and a few years ago she designed and opened their main showroom in Glen Head, Long Island. This past year they opened a NYC satellite showroom. Maggie loves design and working with clients in the showroom to help them visualize and bring their projects to life. Maggie takes great pride in their elite clientele who appreciate their reputation for quality craftsmanship, expertise in stone selection, and attention to all details so that projects are completed on schedule and on budget. Over the past 30 years Maggie & Hugh have trained their crew to work as an Olympic team. We pride ourselves on this strong foundation where each person is valued for what they can contribute to the project. Our philosophy is happy workers will do a great job for our clients. We emphasis safety first, cleanliness and hard work. We are constantly honing our team skills and certifications so we can continue to give the best quality craftsmanship at a fair price. For Maggie Tanchuck, NSAS is more than just a business. She values being part of an industry that is dedicated to preserving classical architecture and creating new classics. Staying connected with other professionals and leaders in our business helps us stay current on the latest products, trends and innovations.

NSAS to Restore Second Mackay Horse

We are about to start restoration on the second of the historical Mackay Horses of Marly, “The Horse Tamer”, which resided in front of Roslyn High School for several years where it was beloved by the Roslyn Community. We are excited to bring it back to its glory in the same way we restored the [...]

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General José Artigas Heads to NSAS for Restoration

We’re excited to be selected by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to move and restore this monument of General José Artigas who has resided in SoHo Square since the 1920s.  The years have taken their toll.  We were awarded this project on the basis of our experience in moving large monuments and our [...]

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Stone Restoration in Mexico

So where do “stone people” go on holiday? Well to a city of stone of course. Hugh and I spent some down time in Oaxaca Mexico, a beautiful ancient city founded in 1529, but the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Over 6000 years ago, cave people from the state of Oaxaca inscribed in stone [...]

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Seaford 9/11 Memorial Monument

  Through our sister company North Shore Monuments, we were honored to work with the 9/11 Memorial Committee for Seaford High School for this memorial monument that we just recently installed. And we were very gratified to receive this note: Hi Lisa, Hugh & Maggie,  The American Flag stone and Dedication stone are a very special [...]

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The “Garden Magic” of Italy

The influences of Italy can be seen in many of the beautiful estates and gardens on Long Island’s Gold Coast.  We have had the privilege of doing many restoration projects on these estates and were excited to attend a recent lecture by landscape architect CeCe Haydock at the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art based [...]

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Ben Pentreath: Preserving Old World Charm

I was so excited to meet one of my design heroes, the world renown English designer and architect Ben Penthreath, at the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art.  He was there to talk about his new book, English Houses, that celebrates classic English style. He is witty and charismatic, and it’s easy to see how [...]

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Need a little R&R? Head to Salamander Resort

During a recent trip to our jobsite in Virginia we stopped at the beautifully designed Salamander Resort for a little R&R. I enjoyed exploring every inch of the carefully thought out interior design that was clearly hand selected by Dr. Sheila Johnson, owner and former BET founder. It is not hard to see why this [...]

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Our New Project in Virginia

A few months ago, we got a phone call from a GC who found our web site when he was searching for stone installers.  He was looking for old world craftsmanship and top quality expertise for a 35,000 square foot private estate he is building in Virginia, about an hour outside of Washington, DC.  We [...]

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Moving Egypt’s Obelisks

For 30 years, NSAS has been moving stone. We’re proud of our capability to move almost any size sculpture or statuary, but we’ve never moved an obelisk!  When Hugh heard about a book signing recently at CW Post for a new book, Cleopatra’s   Needle, Moving Egypt’s Obelisks, he couldn’t get there fast enough.  The author, [...]

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Two Major Projects Completed

It's been a busy year for us at North Shore Architectural Stone.  We're finishing up two major projects that we're excited to tell you about. One is the restoration of an iconic landmark building, a private residence, in New York City. The second is the refurbishment of the historic face of The Redbury New York (formerly [...]

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