I was so excited to meet one of my design heroes, the world renown English designer and architect Ben Penthreath, at the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art.  He was there to talk about his new book, English Houses, that celebrates classic English style.

english-housesHe is witty and charismatic, and it’s easy to see how he charms clients like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He is a very influential leader in urban planning converting grand family manors into small towns and developments, while preserving and respecting the old-world charm and classical design.

Throughout his lecture, he talked about the things he loves like bold colors. “Right now, I am obsessed with gloss”.  And he says interior design is fashion and is constantly changing.

One obsession we have in common is gas lights, which I got a chance to talk to him about. If you stop by our show room in Glen Head, you will see a full display of Bevolo Gas lanterns.

His book, English Houses is breathtakingly beautiful and chock full of inspiration and design ideas.

Oh, and check out this video tour of Ben’s London home and you’ll see why I am in awe of him.

The New York Times // House Tour // Ben Pentreath from London Sessions on Vimeo.